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Welcome to Nas Autoworks, your best choice for a tire shop and auto repair shop in Yuba City, CA and the surrounding area. Our mechanics can handle all of your car repair and tire needs all in one place, ensuring that one simple visit will get your car up and running again in no time.

We've got all the modern equipment and top-quality supplies of a brake shop, tire shop, and general auto repair shop all in one place so that we can deliver every service your vehicle needs with just one visit. Our experts provide tire sales and tire repair along with car alignments and car suspension services so that every feature of your tires can be handled with precision and care. We also offer oil change services, transmission services, and even AC car repair service so that we can keep every feature of your car healthy and running optimally for years to come.

Nas Autoworks has all the tools, resources, and expertise needed to handle all of your auto repair and tire services in one convenient place for one affordable price. Our locally owned and operated tire shop prides itself on providing our local community with top-quality service and products, keeping you and your loved ones safe and comfortable on the road. Contact Nas Autoworks today and we'll give you a comprehensive description of all of the services and products we offer.




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Tires and wheels

Whether it’s All season or All Terrain, Mud Terrain Or Highway Terrain, we offer the best price and value on Tires. Offering free flat repair, Tire Rotation for life of tire. 

From entry level to performance and everything In between we offer the best tire and wheel packages money can buy. Toped with our 90 Day no interest financing,we can have you riding in style with a fraction of the up front cost. 

Tune UpS

Gone are the days of short engine life’s & poor Gas Mileage. Thanks to technological advancement in automobile manufacturing, vehicles are a lot more Efficient and everything is “computerized”. These highly sophisticated machines we drive are designed to last a long time if maintained adequately. For this the manufacturers have scheduled maintenance recommended due per mileage intervals. This includes but is not limited to replacing spark plugs, Air filter, Cabin Air filter, fuel Filters,Differential services, fluid exchange services and much more. Come in today or call us to make an appointment to see what services are due for your vehicle.


We offer free brake inspections. Our certified Technicians can inspect your brakes for proper operation and repair if need be according to manufacturer Procedures. We ensure our repairs are to manufactures standards. The best standard for your vehicle.


Not all Tire dealers have the proper equipment, experience and the knowledge to perform proper wheel alignments, we do. Getting a wheel alignment done periodically ensures tires wear evenly by maintaining the correct wheel angles. Most common symptom of an out of alignment vehicle is pulling, customers will experience vehicle pulls either right or left when driving down a straight road. 
Make an appointment today, check availability here.

Oil Changes

Proper lubrication is absolutely vital. Engine oil helps ensure our engine run smooth and also  helps dissipates heat. Changing your oil on time per the manufacturers recommendations is one of the best things you can do for your engine. We offer oil changes per manufacturers specifications, whether it’s gas engine or Diesel engine vehicle.We also offer a complimentary 28 point inspection with all our oil changes, to ensure your safety and help maintain your vehicle on the road. 

Transmission Services

Whether it is a transmission fluid exchange or removal of the transmission oil pan and replacing the filter. We do them both per manufacturers recommendations and procedures. We ensure we only use the transmission fluid and filters that meet or exceed the manufacturers standards. Call us today to see if your vehicle is due for a transmission service. To make an appointment online check availability here.

Fluid Flushes

Overtime fluids in our vehicles loose their chemical properties and start to break down, this can have an adverse effect on the components they are serving, lack of fluid exchanges leads to hefty repair bills down the road. Each manufacturer is different but some of these fluid exchanges include, coolant exchange, brake fluid exchange, power steering fluid exchange etc. avoid the hefty bill and make an appointment today. Check out availability for this service and more here.

Suspensions (lift kits/lowering kits)

Whether it’s a torn busing or leaking shock. We perform all suspension repairs according to manufacturer recommendations and procedures. 

In the case of off road functionality we also offer lift kits packages from a simple 2” leveling kit to a 6” lift. Call us today for a price, and be sure to check out our availability for an appointment here.

Smog Check and Repair

The word smog comes from the words smoke and fog, put them together and you get smog. Smog checks were introduced to help clean the air and are performed usually every 2 years in most counties in California and or during transfer of ownership title. Smog check plays a vital role in keeping the air we breathe clean. Smog checks are designed to help identify vehicles with excessive emissions so they can be properly repaired.We have the proper equipment and trained Technicians to perform a proper smog check. We perform smog checks only on vehicle model 2000 & newer. The smog checks usually takes 20 minutes to complete. Check availability and make an appointment here

Failing a smog check typically means you can't register the vehicle, therefore making it illegal to drive the car. Instead, you'll receive a list of needed repairs from our certified Smog Technician. We perform smog checks and repairs here on vehicle model 2000 & newer. We make it a one stop shop by offering inspections and repairs, this ultimately saves the customer a lot of time and head ache.if you are in need of smog repairs, check our availability and make an appointment here

Engine diagnostic, repair and replacement

With newer vehicles having dozens of sensors, wires, actuators etc, it really takes more then just mechanical aptitude to properly diagnose engines of today. We charge an initial diagnostic fee of 1 hour labor to find the issue. This usually is enough time to pull the diagnostic trouble codes and perform the adequate testing to find the root cause of the issue. We have the latest diagnostic equipment and the most qualified technicians for this job. We fix the root cause and not just the symptoms. If a serious problem is found and the engine is beyond repair, we offer in house engine replacement and warranty. Our warranty on remanufactured engines is 3 years and 100,000 miles parts and labor included.

Electrical Diagnostic and repair

Some cars have over 50 modules!! That’s a lot of communication going on simultaneously. Cars of today are very sophisticated machines. Everything from your engine to your heated cup holder is controlled by a module.if you get a fault and if not repaired properly it can cost you a lot more in the long run. Some modules on newer vehicles cost thousands of dollars to replace. Our technicians have worked for various manufacturers and understand theses systems and have the experience to diagnose and perform repairs on your vehicle. Our repairs are always to manufacturers standards and we don’t take any short cuts. Have a fault that needs some professional attention, check our schedule and make an appointment here

A/C Diagnostic, repair and recharge

Is your A/C not blowing cold enough? Is the cold air only coming through one side of the vents ? Or is your A/C system not responding at all, you’ve come to right place. We can Diagnose your A/C concern and perform any repairs needed to it. All testing and repairs done here are to manufacturer service procedures and standards. Don’t take a guess at it, bring it to experts to find the root cause of the concern. Check our schedule and make an appointment here.


Lift kits

Get more clearance so you can take your 4x4 more places then ever before!! Give yourself more clearance to install bigger better tires for those treacherous trails. Whether it’s a leveling kit or 6” lift. We perform lift and alignments in house. We are an authorized Dealer For Rough Country and also Super lifts. 

Check availability here and request a price quote for your truck or SUV.